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Founded in 1983, with an outdoor focus, we’ve since grown to become an industry trailblazer, launching over 100 unique products each year across multiple home categories. Our expertise ranges from design to innovation, development, manufacturing and marketing. Our goal has remained the same: create innovative products, with competitive pricing for a timely delivery.
How we do it

The Sully Way

Our designers, packaging experts, technical personnel and factory technicians allow us to design and deliver innovative products, on time. We’ll take care of everything, from product innovation, design, procurement, manufacturing and distribution.
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How We work

Ethical Engineering

All our factories are audited by reputable third party inspection companies and pass all required social, environmental, and security audits. We routinely conduct product laboratory tests by internationally acclaimed forensic engineers.

Worldwide Sourcing

Our breadth of experience and wide-ranging connections in the Asian, Latin American, European and Middle Eastern markets allow for innovation and cost effectiveness while maintaining our reputation for honesty and integrity.

Forever Innovating

We take material, form and function into consideration with each project to ensure we are optimizing the quality and performance of the product while utilizing the latest innovations.

A Full-Range Experience

We provide a full range of services to our customers, including large retail chains across North America, to ensure leading edge product lines are sourced, properly negotiated and manufactured.

By collaborating on product form, materials, graphics and patterns we are able to build new products that fit seamlessly into your established brands assortment, or create something on-trend and new for a seasonal line.

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