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March 23, 2023

Adopt an Ideal Workspace as You Start the New School Year

Have you decluttered your work space as the new school year approaches? An organized workstation saves time and enhances productivity. In addition, a clear desk helps with a clear mind and positive results. At Sully, we prioritize the most crucial aspects of working and learning by designing long-lasting office furniture and other accessories. We also love a clean look and modern design to ensure that you can have a longevity with the furniture you love.

Compelling Reasons Why You Need a Tidy Working Space

Here are some of the important reasons why you need an organized workspace:

·      Reputable Work Environment- if you keep your workplace neat, you'll give a good impression to your peers or visitors. You'll also take pride in the overall working environment.

·      Less Clutter Provides Peace of Mind- organized files arranged in trays, desks, and cabinets minimize the risk of losing crucial information.

·      Creates Good Impression -your office reflects your learning institution. Every prospective employee, guardian, student, or co-worker gets an impression of the whole school setting by visiting your office. Once you take the plunge and declutter the unnecessary material, you save time and positively impact the institution's reputation.

·      Improved Efficiency- you can allocate your indispensable items and aligns your personal space with operational processes to enhance efficiency. You must keep your files organized and arrange them based on priority.

Desks that will make you stand out.

Sully Bay St. 3 Drawer Desk

We are decluttering your office as the new school year starts with a Walnut laminated Sully Decor 3 Drawer Bay Street Desk retailing at $249.99. Our product has unique features as outlined below:

  • It contains three drawers to the right husk to enable you to organize your files and documents.
  • The desk is ideal for students and professionals and has a one-year warranty.
  • The laminate finish enhances aesthetics and can be suitable for your office space.

Sully St. Jacques 2 Drawer Desk

With a season's discounted offer, we are revolutionizing your working and learning experience with the Sully Decor 2 Drawer St. Jacques Desk. The regular retail price is $139.99. The desk has the following unique features:

·      light Oak laminate Finish makes its aesthetic outlook

·      it has two drawers on the lower side for quick access to your working tools

·      Like Sully Bay street desk, it has a one-year warranty and is ideal for young professionals and students.

Reduce your work space today and get a head start on this semester with our Sully Desks, exclusively at Staples.

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